My journey with Aveda began in 2007. After years of trying different skin products and never finding anything suited for my skin, I finally discovered Aveda Gel Cleanser. There was an immediate difference in how my skin looked and felt. I decided to look into what Aveda was all about, and learn more about the company. I was very happy to find out that they care about the environment and quality products. Aveda’s ingredients are naturally derived from plants and flowers of the utmost quality from all around the world. They also dedicate a tremendous amount of time and money on continuing education for their salons and stylist.
 When I decided to open up my salon, I had no doubt in my mind who I was going to represent. Aveda. The purity of their products even lead me to the name of my salon; Salon “UnMixed” a synonym of “Pure”.
Salon UnMixed opened its doors on November 1st 2007, and since then I have never regretted my decision of joining the Aveda family.
Once I began using all their products I was blown away, especially the Aveda Color! It opened up the creative side of color. When I went to beauty school we learned color lines that were all premixed tubes of color. Basically you would need to pick the “right” premixed tube and hope for the best, not very creative or customizable for your guest. With Aveda’s color, you have a base of how light or dark you want, and then you can mix your tones in depending on your guest’s needs. It is so customizable, every guest can have a completely different formula. Thanks to Aveda Color we are all artists, who have taken the time to learn and practice. I am very proud to say at Salon UnMixed we are extremely successful with formulation. We are also known for working with each other and sharing all knowledge we learn, so don’t be surprised when you see us all coming together to formulate someone’s hair, it makes us the best at what we do!